About Us

About Us

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We Are Serious About Customer Service

Customer Service

Our owner is also your account manager. You will have his cell phone and email address and he is available whenever you want to talk.

There are a few factors that make PalmettoSoft the best choice for your website’s search engine optimization partner:

Past SEO Success

We’ve been helping companies both local and national in scope with their search engine optimization activities for a decade. There have been a lot of changes in the world of SEO in that time, and through them all we’ve helped our clients achieve and maintain great search page rankings.

Adaptation to Change

SEO companies often fall into the trap of setting up procedures and then sticking with them no matter what changes around them. We, on the other hand, continually revisit our processes to see how they’re performing, what might improve them, and how we should respond to the major search engines’ algorithm changes.

A Great Client-Consultant Relationship

You’ll find that we are committed to making your search engine optimization, social media optimization, and pay per click campaigns natural outgrowths of your company. We accomplish that goal by talking to you about your business and finding out as much as we can about you. Once we get your SEO efforts in full swing, we don’t cut off communication either; we keep in touch with monthly and weekly reports and consult with you when we have new ideas.

Responsiveness and Flexibility

You’ll never have a hard time getting in touch with us. If there’s something that you don’t understand about our SEO practices, we’re eager to take the time necessary to explain it to you. If you feel your campaign could better represent your company, we want to hear how! Rather than staying in our “comfort zone,” we want to do whatever it takes to give your website its best possible presence online. We know that you will be thoroughly satisfied when you choose to make us your SEO partner. Please contact us today!